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Destiny 2 players are using the new Stasis subclass to instantly kill raid bosses

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Whenever something is added to Bungie’s sprawling cosmic sandbox, something else inevitably breaks, usually to hilarious effect. Players are quick to pounce on exploits in Destiny 2, and now that the Beyond Light expansion has launched they’ve discovered the biggest one yet. One of the major new additions from the expansion is a new Guardian subclass that uses Stasis energy to create a different experience.

While previous subclasses had Super attacks that allowed for a moneyshot of power to be blasted out, Stasis is a more subtle and nuanced ability that manipulates the battlefield to your advantage. The gist of it is that you’ll freeze enemies with cosmic ice and then shatter them, abilities that work best when used in tandem with other Guardian character classes.

As usual, the Warlock Super seems to be the least powerful of all, but Clan Redeem found a way to make use of the Stasis power of that class to pretty much kill a Raid boss instantly. With five players popping their Stasis super and another player using the new Salvation’s Grip Exotic grenade launcher and its unique Stasis perks, spamming the Warlock’s attack allowed them to defeat the Raid boss Riven within seconds. Look at this:

The big worry here is how this exploit will affect the launch of this week’s Raid, The Deep Stone Crypt. Raids are a big deal in Destiny 2, and the race to be the first team to complete one means glory and riches for the team that succeeds at completing an incredibly difficult endgame activity. Seriously I’d love to have one of those Raid wrasslin’ belts.

In the past, Raids have taken teams hours and days to complete, but with the Stasis exploit, this monumental achievement is at the risk of being diluted by teams rushing to nab the top spot. Bungie has confirmed that for now there is no plan to delay the Raid, but the developer will be taking more time to verify which clan truly defeated the horrors lurking within the latest endgame activity. It’s still going to be a race to the finish, but one that will have many eyes watching when it kicks off.

At the very least, expect a hotfix soon to repair this gaping hole in Destiny 2’s armour. And probably break something else in the process. Also: All the lols at this tweet.

Last Updated: November 18, 2020

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