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Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter adds five new Exotics to its armory

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D2 Season of the Drifter (1)

Destiny 2’s Black Armory may have been so disappointing that I actually decided to put the game down for the rest of 2018 and well into 2019, but the latest seasonal change has me itching to grab a few high-power bounties and get my Guardian ready for a leaner and meaner take on Gambit. Season of the Drifter may be focused on a darker side of humanity’s relationship with the light, but it’s also ready to scratch that itch for more Exotic loot.

In fact, there’ll be five new pieces to collect and Xur himself will actually start selling Forsaken gear as well. Here’s a quick rundown on the new weapons and armour that you’ll be hitting the ol’ grind for:


Drifter exotics (1)

To rend one’s enemies is to see them not as equals, but objects—hollow of spirit and meaning.” —13th Understanding, 7th Book of Sorrow

Destiny’s classic hand cannon is making a comeback, as the iconic slice of overpowered weaponry is being reborn with a new twist. According to data-miners, Thorn will still be able to deal some heavy damage, but its perk “Mark of the Devourer” will instead create Remnants from fallen foes. Picking these up will refill the gun and buff the rounds inside, while still doing damage over time to anyone unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of this legend.

Dredgen Yor would be proud.

  • Mark of the Devourer – Rounds pierce targets and deal damage over time. Kills with this weapon leave behind Remnants.
  • Soul Devourer – Absorbing a Remnant strengthens Mark of the Devourer and partially refills the magazine.


Drifter exotics (2)

We didn’t have linear fusions in the Dark Age. But we made it work

Not too much is known about this weapon yet, a Kinetic fusion rifle that comes with a neat perk: Compounding Force. This ability allows you to change from energy blasts to slug bullets, which have the ability to melt through shields and go right through the stupid faces of those damn Red Legion Phalanx troopers which are skulking about the solar system.

  • Compounding Force – Fires slugs that cause massive damage to elemental shields of enemy combatants.
  • Disruption Break – Breaking an enemy’s shield with this weapon makes them more vulnerable to Kinetic damage for a brief period.

Liar’s Handshake

Drifter exotics (5)

Look ’em in the eye.

Hunter gauntlets, with the perk of Cross Counter. Equip these, and any unter using an Arc melee ability will gain a buff that provides their next melee attack with the ability to mend wounds. You can literally punch your way to immortality.

  • Cross Counter – Using your Arc melee ability or being hit by a melee attack will allow you to follow up with an extremely powerful melee counterpunch that will heal you.
  • Mobility Enhancement Mod – Increased Mobility


Drifter exotics (3)

I am a shield unto myself.

Titan gauntlets, with the perk of Clenched Fists. When a Titan guards with a sword, they’ll move quicker and the sword will no longer drain ammo when they’re on the defensive. Parrying at the right time will also see the Titan healed.

  • Clenched Fist – Guarding with Swords increases move speed and does not drain ammo. Shots blocked immediately after guarding will heal you.
  • Plasteel Reinforcement Mod – Increased Resilience.

Getaway Artist

Drifter exotics (4)

Keep the engine running.

Warlock gauntlets, with the perk of Dynamic Duo. Arc-based Warlocks can charge a grenade that will transform into an Arc Soul turret which will act as a guardian angel for a short window of time.

  • Dynamic Duo – Hold to convert your Arc Grenade into a supercharged Arc Soul. The Arc Soul functions as an autonomous turret.
  • Mobility Enhancement Mod – Increased Mobility

Sounds good! Destiny 2’s latest season has kicked off, and so far the results have been far more positive than negative for Bungie as they head into a future where Activision won’t be at their side. It also sounds a lot better than Black Armory, whose key gimmick was throwing balls at some sort of weird space-doohickey anvil thingy. I think, it was three months ago.

Last Updated: March 6, 2019


  1. “Liar’s Handshake”. A final swansong for Activision before they part ways?


  2. Allykhat

    March 6, 2019 at 16:37

    Put in some time last night. Already enjoying it more than Black Armory, even though I need to go back and farm out frames for Jotunn..

    I finally got my One Thousand Voices though and there’s a bug at the moment where it applies +25% damage to all equipped weapons, so thats… fun 😛


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