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Destiny unveils the Shrike personal transport

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You’re a busy guy. And the universe is crammed with competition in Destiny, as plenty of players are itching to get their hands on some of the exotic weapons and guns that litter our cosmos. You’re going to need some wheels pal! Or more specifically, some fancy-pants hovering speed engines.

Over on the Bungie site, the studio announced the Shrike, with art lead Tom Doyle describing the vehicle as follows:

If you are a knight of the City, this is your steed.

Shrike (2)Shrike (3)Shrike (4)Shrike (1)

Hi-yo Silver! Tying in to the details of Destiny having a rather large number of locales with which to shoot anything and anyone, Bungie added “The world of Destiny is an immense frontier. Your missions as a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth will cover a lot of ground.

To propel you from one location to the next, no matter which destination you’re fighting to recapture, there is the Shrike.

It swallows the landscape like a bird of prey with an insatiable appetite for scenery; be it the crimson dunes of Mars, the lush jungles of Venus, the dusty craters of the Moon, or the rusted wastes of our own homeworld.

Man, I wish car salesmen would pitch vehicles with those words. Shrikes can be summoned in the game world, are as you’d expect, speedy methods of getting from Point A to Point B. They can turbo-boost for even more speed to the max, and can be cosmetically upgraded.

Plus they have nothing to do with the speeder bikes from the Star Wars movies. Nope, none at all.

Last Updated: February 13, 2014

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