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Destiny’s getting a new social space

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While I lost interest in Destiny months ago, I can understand why it’s repetitive, grinding nature is so appealing to many players. What I don’t really get though, is why – for all its desire to be like an MMO – it fails at the one thing that makes MMO’s an interesting, social experience; the social bit. Destiny’s singular social space, The Tower, allows for as much social behaviour as Darryn’s abrasive personality allows for real life friends. That could be changing. According to leaked images of the upcoming expansion, Destiny may have a new social space.

The same leaker who spilled details on Destiny expansion The House of Wolve’s missions and guns has now revealed that the game will now see the underutilised Reef function as a second social space. A map setting for the location can be seen in screenshots posted to Reddit by megamanexe4.

The House of Wolves will focus a little on the Reef and its ruler, The Queen. It’s the players’ first visit to this terribly underutilised location. In the main game, it was the scene of a few cutscenes, with little details or exposition that could perhaps finally get some much-needed narrative. There’s also apparently a new raid at The Reef.

As for its social impetus? I hope that the game takes a few cues from the MMOs to which it aspires, and actually adds a more social element to the game. Something, anything. Are you still playing a whole lot of Destiny? I’ve given up on it. I rather enjoyed the first couple of dozen hours, but everything after that was, to me, a complete chore.

If you’re still playing it, or still have intentions of playing it, the newest patch might please you; it’s heavily focused on weapon balance. Full details here.

Last Updated: February 26, 2015

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