Destiny’s late reviews are justified

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Apparently, some rather heavily-marketed, RPG shooter with shared, MMO-esque worlds was released today. You won’t be seeing very many reviews for the game out today – save for one or two from mavericks who’ve ploughed their way through the game’s story without experiencing the game the way it’s meant to be played. Bungie has warned against day one reviews – and after playing for a few hours last night, I get their point.

“We fully anticipate seeing day one reviews from folks who decide to kick the tires, but don’t have the time or patience to take our ride for a nice, long road trip,” said community manager Deej.

“Some of you might wait to pick up a copy until you read the final verdict from your most trusted review house. We’re okay with that. We’ve created something we’re proud of.”

The game, he says, is designed to be one that thousands of players share – and that the game, unpopulated, is not how it’s meant to be.

I played for quite a few hours last night, trying to lose myself in Destiny’s lore – and I have to agree. As nice as it was to have early access to the game, it was rather barren and bare with so few players on the server. When I started playing yesterday, there was maybe one other player up in the tower, and a sum total of zero others roaming about in Old Russia.

It was a stark contrast from the heavily populated beta, and it hit home how different it was not seeing other people shooting at the the fallen. It did start filling up later in the evening, and it was then that a few fellow stragglers joined my fight while I was busy on a single player story; coming to my aid against a particularly tough group. A serendipitous public event kicked off half way through the mission, and we banded together  to stave off a Fallen attack while protecting some or other bit of technology. After that, we all waved at each other and went on our separate ways, each presumably resuming our single player stories. It’s when emergent stuff like this happens that Destiny truly comes alive – and it needs to be populated for that to happen.

“From the beginning, we set out to make Destiny feel like more than bits on a drive. We wanted to build a place for players to visit – a place filled with luminous life. Without a vibrant population for the last safe city on Earth, and Guardians roaming the wild frontiers, Destiny is a shadow of what it should be. That’s not how we wanted to submit for review.

I’m not all that far in the game, having just levelled past the cap from the beta – so I don’t have too much to say on the game that you haven’t already heard a million times just yet, or even experienced for yourself.  We’re working on our review – but we feel this game is something that needs to be played for quite some time before we’re able to judge it properly.

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so far, I’m enjoying it quite a bit – but it’s definitely better with friends…and even strangers.

Last Updated: September 9, 2014

Geoffrey Tim

Editor. I'm old, grumpy and more than just a little cynical. One day, I found myself in possession of a NES, and a copy of Super Mario Bros 3. It was that game that made me realise that games were more than just toys to idly while away time - they were capable of being masterpieces. I'm here now, looking for more of those masterpieces.

  • ToshZA

    So, you like playing with strangers? *Ahem*

    • Sk3tz0

      Nah uh.. the magical dog says..

      • ToshZA

        Who said anything about talking?

    • gracey101william

      A­­­­­ny0­­ne wh0 ne­­­­eds an ex­tra in­­c0me, I ca­n hi­­ghly rec0m­­mend this gi­g… I w0rk­ed it for 3 m0n­­ths and it helped me when I was between j0bs……. I’ve earned 3­000 in 11 days…… Now I have a new j0b so I am n0t d0ing it any­­m0re but I can say it’s a great s0urce of extra m0n­­thly in­­­c0me. You can ch­­eck it 0ut her­­e


  • Spaffy

    If I was a game reviewer I’d probably never actually write the review and just play the game the whole time.

  • eXpZA

    Still not convinced. I don’t think this game has longevity. I think it’s hiding behind the whole “1 bazillion options for armour and guns” but, when taken away, it just Halo with drop-in-drop-out co-op…. and Halo had some excellent lore and set pieces, something I felt a bit missing from both the Alpha and Beta.

    I hope I’m proven horribly wrong. I want this game to be amazing.

    • Yeah…We’l have to see. I think the SP/campaign is 10 hours..and then there are strikes and raids. Crucible does nothing for me…Hope that’s not where the longevity lies

      • Hammersteyn

        From the creators of COD…….

        • FoxOneZA

          I see what you did there 😛

      • Hammersteyn

        Wait… only 10 hours????

        • Alien Emperor Trevor

          At least you’re getting a SP campaign, unlike that other game… wotshisname…

          • Hammersteyn

            Can’t remember tbh, wasn’t very memorable

        • Jonah Cash

          I have played a good 10 hours already and I have only done 1 mission on the Moon…. Got earths story out of the way!! Played rumble in the crucible, we should so do that together!! It is a free for all 6 players against each other!! Fun as hell!!

      • eXpZA

        Whilst a beta isn’t a full representation of the game, I didn’t care much for the little story I experienced in the beta. It really felt like a thin “go here shoot this” veil to force you to explore the off-track paths of the bigger map. Halo had EVENTS, if you know what I mean… Destiny Beta had “there’s some dudes in the tower. Go kill em. Ok good you got them.”

        • Kromas of City17

          This is sounding more and more like Defiance. I hope not for the console kiddies sake. For now Ill stick with other more “PC Friendly options”

        • Skyblue

          Halo did have some pretty epic moments.

      • Spaffy

        10hrs o_0.
        I was hoping for more.
        And replay value?

        • Skyblue

          Moment I read that I decided to wait, bugger it. Probably save myself a few bucks but I’ll definitely wait for some reviews first.

        • Apparently massive replay value, but I haven’t started playing yet either.

          Trust the Geoff

      • Skyblue

        10hrs… no way!?! I’ll wait for the reviews methinks.

    • MakeSense

      So, you’re judging the life of the game w/out you actually playing it? Lame. You speak of armor and guns being taken away, and it’s just “Halo”? You can compare every and any game in the same fashion. You create your own barrier to keep the game from you want it to be…”amazing”. Stop with your negative post w/out having played the game.

  • Travis

    But can you play it on a pc 🙁

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      Yes, if you make the Youtube videos full screen & imagine 😉

      • Trevor… you my friend, have won comment of the week in my book!

      • Travis

        Ill probably do better that way anyway, lol

      • Kromas of City17

        Increase playback speed by 2 for 60FPS? 😛

      • Hammersteyn

        LOL that’s like saying you’re having sex while watching porn.

        • Alien Emperor Trevor

          You mean with someone else? 😉

          • Hammersteyn

            No with yourself, wait…. what?

          • Tauriq Moosa

            You are amazing

          • O-0

      • Skyblue

        Too much lulz!

  • Frexie Frex

    I played the beta for like 2 hours and got bored of it. No way i would be able to play hundreds (wich is what you normally do in an mmo game)

    • Hammersteyn

      At least it isn’t rife with fetch quests. Plus it has guns which is good.

      • Mark Treloar

        and 8 bit shadows (PS3)

        • Hammersteyn


        • Sageville

          PS4 shadows are sexysauce.

  • Francois Knoetze

    got my limited edition this morning and somebody said something about: “stop licking the packaging”… I don’t care much for the reviews and the game will keep me busy for a while. The beta did it’s work of convincing me and I have had withdrawals till this day.

  • FoxOneZA

    It’s fair to say that you can judge a game by it’s advertising budget/campaign.

  • FoxOneZA

    I was reading the comments on a Warframe video this morning and you won’t believe how much it gets compared to Destiny, not for the worst either.

    • CAE9872

      That’s because it is just like Destiny – I love Warframe personally. Think it was very cleverly made.

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        Speaking of which, I FINALLY got a Kubrow egg on Sunday, after weeks of trying. And what alert missions come out last night? 3 that give you a Kubrow egg & 2 mods! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!

        • FoxOneZA

          Eggs-cellent 😛

          I’m only on Mission 2 I think. It reminds me of Unreal meets Gears. A very cool game indeed.

        • CAE9872


          I saw the rewards last night as well and wondered if you had one yet. I didn’t get to play the missions but another time perhaps.

          The new update on PS4 is brilliant though – I like the new interface…you PC guys probably have had this a while now though.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            I like it too, took a little while to get used to though. Sounds a bit silly, but the log in process is just so damn cool. We’ve had it for a couple of months now, was a bit rocky in the beginning – had a lot of problems with it freezing when trying to join matches & would have to kill the game process & restart.

            Oh well, now I’ll have a second Kubrow. My first one finished incubating earlier today so I’ll have to see what I need to do next. Now I need to decide what to call him.

          • Spaffy

            Rince is a good name…

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Only if it’s retarded.

            I mean… um… I want it to have a strong name.

          • Spaffy


          • You’re retarded. And ouch ????

          • Alien Emperor Trevor


  • Anthony Napolitano

    not a good sign people all over the internet are ripping this game a new one…same comments too..boring repetitive gameplay..i saw one review 6/10 ouch!

  • The wiz

    Sounds like bungee making excuses for a lackluster game

  • Review embargos – the telltale sign that a game sucks, and the publisher knows it.

  • wrestlefan01

    i love the game been playing it non stop..but even today the worlds seem bare.for a game that shouldnt be judged with out playing it with other people in the servers you cant even communicate with the other people.that is a big let down imo

  • Failz

    This is not the Halo killer we were hoping for.

    Mean while on Xbox One

    • You are flat out wrong

      Meanwhile on Xbone: no games.

  • Jonah Cash

    I love how there is so much hate for Destiny on the net all of a sudden!! The world and its people is a fickle thing!! As soon as something becomes main stream someone will have to say something bad to either get attention or to just be different!!
    Destiny is a brilliant game, for the price you pay you will have more than enough game time!!
    You pay the same amount for a game that lasts 13 hours!! I am 10 hours in and only level 13, and have only done one story mission on the moon!!
    There is a lot to do, don’t let reviewers fool you!!

    • Hammersteyn

      I couldn’t play at all, kept getting a centipede error 🙁

      • Jonah Cash

        That sucks!!! I have levelled up to 13, my Titan looks awesome!!!

        • Sageville


          • Jonah Cash

            Look what I found on the net!! Think you will like it!!

    • Sageville

      Hey, when we hooking up for some co-opness.

      Invite me when yawl have that feel.

      • Jonah Cash

        We should do some strikes on the weekend!! I want to see the one on the Moon!! Very Curious

  • Michael G

    You all need to remember they said this would develop over 10 years of something, which means the supposed 10hrs gameplay will continued to increase year by year

  • Sageville

    I’m not sure where the hate is coming from, the game is beautiful and solid.

    I can see myself pvping long after the SP content is done.

    Maybe it’s just people applying arbitrary rules like “Review embargo = bad game”.

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