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Destiny’s Rise of Iron is “much more heroic and heraldic”

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Rise of Iron. It’s either the name of the next Destiny expansion, or what Tony Stark calls his homemade sex-tape. Last year September, Destiny’s The Taken King expansion nailed the exact formula needed to make their pseudo-science space exploration by bullets online game a winner: A tight story, a newer environment to explore and plenty of new loot to lust after.

But more than, the story was magnificent for its idea of taking the fight back to the Hive and their version of space-Satan. After facing threats such as the Vex almost wiping you out of the timeline, Fallen rogues and Crota looking to decorate his sword with your blood, Oryx was something else. A constant presence that felt like evil without any limits. In short, it was a grand and epic tale that was bolstered by some great side characters stealing the show.

And that’s something that Destiny: Rise of Iron wants to follow up on. With Oryx dead and rotting somewhere over Saturn, things have been quiet. Too quiet, as the Fallen have stirred up some trouble in the Plaguelands beyond the wall. “This new story is much more heroic and heraldic, borrowing from some Norse themes,”  Community Manager Eric Osborne said to CinemaBlend.

Destiny Rise of Iron (4)

From Lord Saladin to the names of the weapons you get in the Iron Banner, it all has these hints at this historical legacy, which kicked off this idea of exploring the past, finding out about these lost heroes, how they defended the city and what the Wall was all about.

The Taken King was very much a revenge story, as Oryx was out for blood after his son Crota was slain by the Guardians. In Rise of Iron, Bungie is “kind of flipping the roles this time” as Lord Saladin ventures out from the tower to deal with an ancient enemy once and for all as Osborne revealed of the tonally different story:

Lord Saladin’s been sitting there in the Tower for a couple hundred years grumbling about the legacy of the Iron Lords, preparing Guardians through the ritual of the Iron Banner to become stronger, and he’s been waiting for his ancient enemy to show signs of returning…In the Taken King, the story was about Oryx seeking revenge on the Guardians who killed his son. We’re kind of flipping the roles this time, as you’ll be going with Lord Saladin to honour the Iron Lords and take revenge on his behalf.

And to join in on that fight, you’re going to need some new gear. Gear which this time, will be inspired not by the remains of your enemies but by the Guardians who came before you:

Destiny Rise of Iron (3)

In the past couple expansions, we’ve let players sort of adopt the look of their enemies with the new gear. With this new set, you get to come out looking like an Arthurian knight or a Viking god, so it feels much more heroic in tone. It’s epic, and not in the marketing sense of the word. The storytelling feels grand and sweeping, so I think it’s going to be really fun.

Destiny: Rise of Iron kicks off year three for the franchise on September 20. It’s promising a new Raid, new Strikes, new public events and lots of multiplayer content. And also a new Gjallarhorn, specced out for the third year. Awwww yeeeeah son.

Last Updated: June 20, 2016

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