Destructoid slams Eternity’s Child : Developer fights back

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Wow this is quite the entertaining read.

Apparently the developer behind Eternity’s Child had become friendly with the Destructoid crowd and had even put the Destructoid robot into it’s game. So when Destructoid reviewed the game and gave it a 1/10 you can understand the developer getting a bit upset.

However what wasn’t expected was that the developer would start commenting on the article and fighting back. 405 hate filled comments later and we still don’t have a final answer.

The developer blames the programmer, the reviewers and the controller used while the reviewers try to remain calm. All in the middle of the Destructoid faithful throwing around the most amazing insults and hatred… It’s all really sad and entertaining at the same time.

The developer has now removed the Destructoid robot from the game and has promised to put up a demo for us all to try.

Even though I had never heard of this game before I am now looking forward to giving it a try… can it really be that bad?

If you have the time click through and read through the comments, if you want the fast version look our for these names

Conrad Zimmerman (Reviewer), Luc Bernard (Developer) and Reaprar (Commenter from hell)

Eternity’s Child may still be coming to a Nintendo Wii near you soon enough

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: August 8, 2008

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