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Details leak for Apex Legends’ electrifying new hero Wattson

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I’m still having a blast in Apex Legends, the battle royale gamechanger dropped out of nowhere by developer Respawn Entertainment in February. The game does have a problem though, and no, I’m not talking about the fact that I’ve seen entire civilizations rise and fall in the time it takes the Havoc to actually spin up and start firing.

We already knew that Respawn was cooking up around 10 new Legends to bolster the game’s ranks and add more variety, but when the Season 1: Wild Frontier content dropped last month, all we get was Octane. And while the nutjob Speedy Gonzales is definitely a fun addition, we want more. Respawn have heard our pleas and look poised to offer an electrifying response soon, if the latest leaks are to be believed.

Data miners had previously uncovered that a Legend named Wattson would one of the earlier releases alongside Octane. More digging into the game’s data files has since revealed that she will be an electricity-based hero and we’ve got a look at her via a very early game render (her look may have changed quite a bit since). We’ve also learned that her ultimate ability will be called Tesla Trap and its rumoured to be some kind of area-of-effect electrical tripmine. I’m guessing it will have an effect on enemies that trigger it, similar to being hit with an arc star.

While we still don’t know what her passive ability will be, we most recently discovered her Tactical ability thanks to another leak though.

Called Electric Fence, it will allow Wattson to peg two posts in the ground, creating an electric wall between the two that only she can scale (I would assume it also damages opponents who run into it). Couple this with her Tesla Trap and Wattson is looking like a serious zoning threat a la Caustic and his gas traps. Technically, you could put this fence right across a doorway to trap people in a room, or even using it to divide a room in half and trap enemies in a corner that you then fill with grenades. There’s no word on whether the Fence stops bullets, but if that is the case she will also become instrumental in a firefight, as long as you can prep the engagement area.

Personally, I just want to set up an Electric Fence post on one side of a downward slope and then lay in wait across from it, and as a team comes sliding down the hill as they always do, I’ll drop the other post to form an impenetrable barrier that they will all slide into face first. Oh the LULZ.

We still have no idea when Wattson will drop in-game – that’s if she’s next and not one of the other 10 Legends we’re expecting.

Last Updated: April 10, 2019

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  1. I’m not expecting much from her. Could make for some fun squad play though.


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