Developers Starting to Back PS3

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Gameplayer has put together an interesting article discussing the differences in sample code and review data from a media perspective over the last year.

To be honest I found the article to be a little condescending and laced with the arrogance that unfortunately plagues this industry… however he has a point and I have been seeing it as well.

From late last year until around July this year it was virtually impossible to get any PS3 review code and absolutely impossible to preview anything on the PS3, no matter how much we asked for it.

This has led to a lot of websites around the world being classed as Xbox 360 fansites as they were only ever reviewing the 360 version.

Well since June/July that has changed and now the distributors and developers are more than happy to send a copy of the 360 or PS3 version depending on what is requested, it also seems that Sony are lightening up on the dev console side and allowing more people to get their hands on preview code.

This can only be good for the PS3 fans out there and shows that everyone is getting more confident in the PS3…

You can check out gameplayers original article here

Last Updated: October 3, 2008

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