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Devil May Cry 5 players are already pulling off impossibly stylish combos

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It’s not enough to just drive a sword through the head of a demon which happens to resemble a gigantic fly on steroids. You have to do so with style, panache and a witty retort at a moment’s notice. Devil May Cry has always been a game where dispatching foes with elegance and brute force has been a driving factor in its gameplay, with the recently released fifth chapter being no different.

There’s an entire camper van’s worth of tools to use throughout the adventure, and nailing that fine balance of evasion, attack and variety is the spice of life in Devil May Cry 5. Nero is able to unleash an arsenal of Devil Breakers while revving up his sword to rack up some Exceed combos, V’s mastery of his literal spirit animals requires precision guidance and Dante is a one-man army who can switch between numerous weapons and combat styles.

Basically, if your fingers are fast enough and you can nail the timing perfectly, the amount of style that you can rack up in a single area is nothing short of astounding. After a mere weekend, players are already creating intricate combos and chaining attacks together in a manner which defies logic. Streamer ChaserTech has rounded up some of the very best on their Twitter page, and if you’re looking for a masterclass in S-Rank scoring, then the following clips below will break your thumbs with just how damn good they are:

DAMN. Meanwhile, I’m not even close to that good, on account of the fact that I’m still experimenting with combos and special attacks. Then again, I get to be demon Rocky so all is right in the world:

Devil May Cry 5 is out right now, and it’s kind of already in the running to be my personal game of the year.

Last Updated: March 11, 2019

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