Diablo 3 community manager reminds hardcore gamers they aren’t the majority

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This is a nice side message for all hardcore or dedicated gamers to remember, the Diablo 3 Community manager has been speaking on a hidden Diablo 3 forum and has had to remind everyone that they don’t represent the majority of gamers who will pick up Diablo 3.

At least he did it in a nice way but the message is clear

I don’t mean any offense, but you don’t represent the majority of people that will play the game. For better or worse. People here, logging in with their Diablo II keys to talk about an unreleased product – – on an essentially hidden forum – – do not represent the vast majority of people that will play the game

He has posted this after they received a huge backlash from the hardcore gamers about the previously announced Follower system.

If you don’t know what the Follower system is then it’s basically that you can pick up an extra helping hand who will follow you around the world of Diablo and fight on your side against all comers.

Blizzard have included them to help out the average gamer and to hopefully entice them into a game of co-op or to try replay certain stages on a harder level to really experience the game.

The entire is a very interesting, if not long, read and if you’re a Diablo die hard then click through the source below to keep yourself informed. For the rest of us here is a video demonstrating the Follower technique.

There is no release date set for Diablo 3 yet but lets start a rumour, we may or may not have inside info here, saying that Blizzard are aiming at a November release for Diablo 3… yes November 2011

Source: Gamebanshee

Last Updated: June 21, 2011

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