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Diablo 3 details – Get rich or die tryin’

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There’s no doubt that Blizzard is going to make a ton of cash when Diablo 3 finally gets released, as we’re all suckers for anything that they stamp their brand on. But it seems that they’re not going to be the only ones turning a profit when the boss of dungeon crawlers releases, as players will also have a chance to earn some greenbacks with the new in game service that is the auction house.

The idea is that each region will be separated into their own auction house which will be accessible from inside the game. Players will have to pay a listing fee for each item, but they will be able to set their own prices on the loot that they have for sale, from bidding increments to, “buy now” options. Blizzard will also take their cut of anything sold through the auction house, with the option of payment being that it either goes through to a third party processor, or the profit being converted into a digital currency for use with Blizzard and Battle.net games.

Sales and purchases will remain anonymous between the parties involved. Another Auction house will also exist alongside the proper cash one, but this venue will instead host items that can be purchased with gold that is accrued during your Diablo 3 quests, but with the same ideas essentially. Hardcore characters, which are single-life, once off adventurers in Diablo 3, are not allowed to use the real cash auction house, but they are allowed to use the in game currency auction house.

While gold farmers may be rubbing their palms together in eager anticipation at this news, presumably after having dollar symbols implanted into their now vacant ocular cavities, Blizzard is taking a relaxed stance to this, claiming that these digital merchants would be doing this with or without Blizzard’s consent anyway.


What Blizzard will be doing however, is ensuring that cheating is something that doesn’t happen on their game, as they aim to heavily police against these actions. Step one will be ensuring, much like last years Starcraft, that all games will require persistent online connections, with characters stored and monitored on Blizzard servers.

Its interesting to see Blizzard take such a lax, if not promotional stance around the idea of spending currency on digital items for your avatars, and it seems that its also a way with which to at least shop more securely, as Blizzard will at least be able to monitor transactions and mediate in the case of any unlawful shenanigans.

Whether you want to get rich with Diablo 3 or just have a good time adventuring with your buddies, Diablo 3 looks set to dominate the genre when it releases, perhaps setting a trend for future games from Blizzard.

Source: Gameinformer

Last Updated: August 1, 2011

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