Diablo 3 launch marred by server collapse

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Diablo III is finally available pretty much globally – and those that’ve managed to get some game time in are pretty elated. the problem though is that many gamers haven’t been able to get the game working at all, instead fighting with an error message that’s prevented them from logging on to the game’s authentication servers.

The game’s servers went online last night, but  promptly fell over under the weight of millions of gamers trying to get their clicks on.

Players have found themselves unable to access the largely single-player game they’ve bought – with many receiving an “error37” message. It’s prompted outrage and, as these situations tend to do, a bit of comedy. “Man, Diablo 3 is super hard. I’ve been playing for 30 minutes and haven’t even defeated the login screen,” reads a message that’s proliferated on Twitter.

Bizzard’s issued a statement, suggesting impatient gamers cool their heel a little.

“Please note that due to a high volume of traffic, login and character creation may be slower than normal,” it said in the statement.”If you’re unable to login to the game or create characters, please wait and try again. We’ve temporarily taken our Battle.net websites offline and launched more servers to accommodate for the traffic. We hope to resolve these issues as soon as possible and appreciate your patience.”

Frankly, I don’ think that’s good enough. Blizzard might tell you otherwise, but as far as I’m concerned the reason people have to log in to battle.net just to play the single player game is mostly for the purposes of combatting piracy through stupid DRM – and once again its paying customers that’ve suffered. If you’re going to insist on employing authentication servers, then you really, really ought to make sure that you’re able to meet demand.

Last Updated: May 15, 2012

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