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Diablo 3’s latest patch adds Ancient Items

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You know, I honestly have no idea how to segue into a story about a new Diablo 3 patch. So I’m just going to start yammering about incremental changes and new features being added to the game. That totally counts, I reckon.

So what’s on the cards? The big new addition this year happens to be in the form of Ancient Items, which might also describe any of your grandparents that you had dumped in a retirement village. Ancient Items are essentially even rarer than Legendary gear, and drop from slain enemies in the Torment I or higher difficulty modes. Here’s the full list of how special Ancient Items from Blizzard:

  • Ancient items are more powerful versions of Legendary items
  • Ancient items roll from increased value ranges for certain affixes
  • Ancient Mojos, Orbs, and Shields roll with increased Damage or Shield Block values
  • Ancient items can now drop at Torment I or higher
    • The drop chance will increase with each Torment level
  • Any Legendary or Set item has a chance to be dropped or crafted as an Ancient item
  • Legendary or Set items purchased from Kadala have a chance to be an Ancient item

There’s a ton more in the patch notes in this link for PC or console. There’s also a slew of new Treasure Goblins, according to Blizzard:

  • New Treasure Goblins have been added to the game! Be on the lookout for the Gem Hoarder, Blood Thief, Odious Collector, and Malevolent Tormentor. These additions to our growing goblin family can only be found in Adventure Mode.
  • All Treasure Goblins now appear standing next to a portal and have been given a special mini-map icon in order to increase their visibility.

Various bugs are once again being fixed, crafting materials and gems now have an increased stack size to 5000 and characters have been tweaked once again. The Demon Hunter for instance, now features an update that encourages players to make better use of the agility and mobility of the character, while Monks have been altered to do something that I genuinely don’t understand. I call this the Pokémon effect.

Last Updated: January 15, 2015

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