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Diablo 4 rumours – Blizzard’s hack ‘n slash franchise is returning to its dark roots and its bringing back the Druid class

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Diablo 3 in its current state may be a meaty hack ‘n slash extravaganza, but back in its launch day it was…well I’ll let the Error 37 memes speak for themselves. With BlizzCon 2019 on the horizon and the sting of Diablo Immortal’s announcement still feeling fresh in their memoey, many a fan is looking for Diablo to be a devilish saviour to help kick off the show.

How would Diablo 4 even build on Diablo 3’s success stories though? Where does the franchise even go next? Well if you’re ready to stay a while and listen, maybe the following rumours will get you ready for a bit of the ol’ digital damnation. According to PracticalBrush12 on reddit (and further bolstered by frequent leaker ZhugeEX’s solid track record), Diablo looks set to ditch the brighter and more vibrant aesthetic design that many a fan hated in Diablo 3.

“Diablo 4 is actually going to look dark, gritty and gross – no more rainbow shiny bullshit this time,” he of the practical brush claims.

Locations are toned down, infrequently laid with corpses, wasteland, greyish deserts, clut caves surrounded by flesh, rotten crypts, marshes and bogs, plagued cities you name it. They are also seemingly much bigger, maybe even open? Characters now are able to ride horses (possibly other mounts), also there’s contextual interaction with environment ? – climbing a wall Lost Ark style. Blood splatters look more like blood and not splashed jam too.


As far classes, the leak says that players will be able to step into the boots of the Mage, Barbarian and Druid. The Druid himself harkens back to Diablo 2’s Lord of Destruction expansion, a riff on the Barbarian whow as able to use both magic and transformative magic with which to fight back against the hordes of hell. Druids will be able to wield lightning and wind magic, with Werewolf and Werebear forms in Diablo 4.

Barbarians will once again be meaty DPS machines, while Mages will as always harness mystical elements in their arsenal. The leak also says that there might be PvP from day one, and four player co-op is definitely on the table. All this, and the pursuit of Lillith as she continues to cement herself as the newest host for the corrupting power of Diablo.

I guess we’ll find out on Friday just how accurate these rumours are.

Last Updated: October 31, 2019

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