Diablo III player power levels his character to 70 in just over a minute

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I spent a large portion of the long weekend playing Diablo III. The bug really has bitten me again thanks to the launch of Season 3 (I hate you Blizzard), and I was more than happy to spend loads of hours mindlessly clicking and looting. I managed to take my Crusader up to level 70 (solo; not with the help of other high level friends) as well as accumulate some paragon levels. Overall, level 1 to paragon 30 took me around 15 hours, not the greatest time by a long shot, but not too shabby either, right? I didn’t think so too, at least until I compared my time to Dat Modz. He took his Monk from amateur to the max level in a little over a minute.

Yeah, that’s nothing short of insane! I didn’t believe it until I watched the video myself. Check it out (via Kotaku). You may want to turn your volume down a notch as there is a bunch of loud jubilation at the end:

This run was made possible thanks to three important pieces of gear that provide big bonuses to experience gain:

Hellfire Ring


Gem of Ease (socketed into a ring)


Leoric’s Signet

Ring (2)

His equipment obviously doesn’t mirror those shown above, they are just examples. Beyond his item choices, Dat Modz had his high level friends hold his hand through the Cow Level rift – a rarity that packs some delicious, ridiculous xp within.

It’s no wonder his levelling is through the roof! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to cry over the fifteen hours of time I apparently wasted over the weekend. One minute to hit level 70? I still can’t get my head around it.


Last Updated: April 28, 2015

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