Diablo III’s lost its senior producer…when the hell is this game coming out?

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Gamers have been waiting for Diablo 3, the click-heavy dark fantasy action RPG for what feels like forever. Though Diablo 3 was only announced in 2008, it’s been over a decade since gamers have clicked Mephisto to death. It looks like they might be waiting longer.

Over the weekend, Diablo III’s Senior Producer Steve Parker announced his surprise departure from the project – and indeed from Blizzard as a whole.

“Hey Twitter, I’m no longer working at Blizzard or on D3. I’ve had a great 5 years there and those guys are going to do an amazing job with Diablo,” he said via the micro-blogging service.

He’s not given any reason why he’s left the team this far in the game’s development or what he plans to do. There’s also no word on just how this will affect the games release. Although it hasn’t got a solid release date, it’s expected to ship in the first half of this year. With Blizzard currently scrambling to fill the Senior Producer role, it’s easy to believe that the game will be delayed. Again. The good news though is that that your likely onset of carpal tunnel syndrome will take longer.

While many gamers just want the damned game to come out already, the team behind the game is striving for perfection.

“We want Diablo III to be the best game it can be when it launches,” said lead developer Jay Wilson in a recent blog post. “To get there, we’re going to be iterating on designs we’ve had in place for a long time, making changes to systems you’ve spent a lot of time theorycrafting, and removing features you may have come to associate with the core of the experience [emphasis mine]. Our hope is that by embracing our iterative design process in which we question ourselves and our decisions, Diablo III won’t just live up to our expectations, but will continue to do so a decade after it’s released.”

I don’t know about you, but that sound suspiciously like they’re dumbing the game down – possibly for a console release.

Last Updated: January 23, 2012

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