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Did Geohot take his donations and go on holiday?

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There are mixed rumours coming out of America around what has happened to the infamous hacker Geohot, The first rumours were that he had fled the USA to South America to avoid the court case, but apparently this isn’t true and he’s just on holiday there.

What’s disturbing about this however is that a few weeks back he was begging everyone online to help fund his legal defence fund against Sony and now’s he’s sunning it in South America and sending gangsta pictures of himself back to prove he’s not hiding.


Now granted it’s highly possible that he paid for his holiday and incredibly blingy chain all by himself but then again wouldn’t it be slightly more moral to also use your own money to pay for your own legal defence?

Somehow I have never felt that morals are high up on Geohots agenda.

If you’re a Geohot supporter do you think this is okay? Does everyone need a break every now and then or are you on the other side and believe that Geohot isn’t taking this court case seriously?

Source: Revolt-Tech

Last Updated: March 24, 2011

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