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Did God abandon humanity?- Metro Last Light

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Now that the survivor videos for Metro Last Light are completed it doesn’t mean the marketing machine can go to sleep. In fact the marketing machine is only just beginning with the release of this epic new trailer and by giving away a free game.. I tell no lies.

In this trailer we get taken through a genesis timeline of what has happened in Metro: Last Light and most intriguingly THQ has not been afraid to trample on the Christian belief of God creating humanity in his own likeness and then carries on to imply that God has abandoned us as a failed experiment to find our own way…

or did God die?

I applaud entertainment mediums that explore previously off-topic subjects and while I’m hoping the game itself isn’t overly steeped in religion I do like the way they have put the trailer together..

So if by now you’ve watched the trailer then there is nothing more to say but if you are one of those that can’t watch videos from the office then here is some good news for you.

Did you never get to play the original Metro 2033 and can’t afford to pay the $5 it costs to get it in the Humble Bundle? Well then you are in luck, simply head over to http://www.FreeMetroGame.com and get it for free… no catch.

Last Updated: December 12, 2012

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