Did Sony send Geohot money to prove he was profiteering from his hacks? I don’t think so

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I’m going to file this one under the completely ludicrous tag but unfortunately it is going around so we are going to rehash it so that you can answer the nonsense being uttered at the water cooler.

According to the rumour Sony decided it was a good idea to send Geohot $1 as a donation for hacking the PS3 to prove that he was profiteering from hacking the PS3.

They could then open up far more legal avenues and really crush him… the idea sounds solid if you are a movie heroes arch nemesis but in reality it makes absolutely no sense.

First up Geohot didn’t ask for money so even if Sony sent him money it doesn’t prove anything, it just proves they gifted him a $1. Secondly even if they could prove that he was now profiting from the hack with that $1 it does sort of fall into an entrapment scenario and would likely be thrown out of court.

And lastly I severely doubt the heads of Sony want to be known as a company that sponsors their products being hacked.

This entire story is garbage and shouldn’t be believed.

Source: Maxconsole

Last Updated: January 14, 2011

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