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Did Vince Zampella delay the MP2 map pack to help EA Games?

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You didn’t think the issue between EA and Activision over Infinity Ward had gone away did you?

The court case is currently being prepared and one of the pieces of evidence from Activision’s side is an email apparently sent from EA Games executive, Lincoln Hershberger.

In it Lincoln claims to have asked Vince to hold back on releasing their next map pack so as not to sabotage the release of Dice’s Battlefield Bad Company. Apparently Vince owed him one so he didn’t mind but Bobby Kotick didn’t take so kindly to it happening.

Now that the email is in the public eye EA are attempting to put it down to a joke and claim it really doesn’t mean anything while Activision believe this is proof of an underlying conspiracy that could get EA and Vince in a whole lot of trouble.

This soap opera isn’t going to end anytime soon so grab your popcorn and hang on.


Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: January 21, 2011

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