DiRT 3 Debut Trailer – Gymkhana or Stunt Man?

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Last night Codemasters debuted the trailer for their upcoming DiRT 3 on ESPN in the States.

We haven’t been told anything about the title yet but from the trailer it looks like we are going to be rallying in a bunch of different terrains and weather patterns but it’s the ending that I find the most interesting.

The more likely answer is that DiRT 3 is going to include Gymkhana sections but in my limited time of watching Rallying I have never seen trucks explode on purpose so that leads me into thinking that we may be seeing a bit of an extra storyline here.

Possibly one where we will be contracted into some movie studios to perform some stunt driving to supplement our income?

As I said though it’s more likely that it’s simply some Gymkhana stages but I prefer my idea…

It’s coming in 2011 but no platforms have been announced yet, though I think it’s safe to say both the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be getting a copy on their respective systems.

Last Updated: August 2, 2010

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