District 9 Movie Trailer – What Does This Have To Do With Gaming You May Ask?

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Yes so, what does this movie trailer have to do with gaming.

First of all, I highly suggest you watch it, you will see why. You see, this trailer is for a new sci-fi faux documentary film called District 9, that takes place in Johannesburg and has quite an interesting twist to it.

The reason that this is related to gaming, is because this movie is made by Peter Jackson, and directed by none other than the South African Neil Blomkamp, who was chosen by Jackson to direct the Halo movie. It is also because of this that the studios got cold feet and backed out, worried that Blomkamp wasn’t up to the challenge.

If you have ever seen any of Blomkamps shortfilms, as well as the Halo short videos, you will know that this is one talented individual.

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I am hoping that the big-wigs see this, and think about looking at the Halo movie once again, because it is quite clear that Blomkamp has one hell of a knack for adding atmosphere to a sci-fi setting and I think that he is more than up to the task of pumping out a top notch movie when given the chance.

As for the story, we will have to wait until August to watch the movie, but as far as directing as well as the use of CG and all that, Neil is more than well equipped.

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Last Updated: May 6, 2009

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