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The Division is pushing all platforms to their maximum

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There’s a storm-in-a-teacup right now about The Division’s visual downgrade from people who get angry about target renders not living up to games when they’re out. The very same thing happened with the Witcher 3 – but everyone forgot about that. That Watch_Dogs thing though? That’s going to haunt Ubisoft forever.

Despite grievances, The Division, I think, looks pretty damned good (especially on PC, apparently) and it’s all down to that Snowdrop Engine. The engine, says Ubisoft Massive, is stretching all platforms to their respective limits.

“With the SnowDrop Engine, we are able to get the max out of any platform,” Ubisoft Massive’s creative director Magnus Jansen said in an interview with EPNdotTV (via Gamingbolt). “The PC is a super diverse platform, there are so many configurations and so many things you can have. You can have two or three monitors for instance so getting the most out of the platform means we have to support three monitors on the PC. We have to support bigger rendering settings, unlocked frame rate, we have to support multiple GPUs because that is the thing that platform.”

He says that the consoles are also being pushed to breaking point – something that’s a matter of pride for the team.

“And for us, it’s a matter of pride, to be able to support everyone who invests money and they buy the game and allow them to make most out of their hardware. We are utilizing every tiny little cycles of all the platforms to its maximum. That’s the sense of pride about not wasting people’s hardware,” he added.

While those are nice claims, I don’t generally go in for that sort of rhetoric. While it’s possible for any app to use up all a CPU or GPU’s cycles, there are always tweaks and optimisations that allow skilled developers to pull of things that seem impossible.

Last Updated: January 20, 2016

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