DLC released before title?

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Well this is a strange one, it seems that if you are so inclined you can head on over to the Xbox Live Marketplace now and download the exclusive add on pack for Dark Messiah… While there is nothing new in that what it weird is that Dark Messiah is only being released on the 15th locally and on the 12th over seas.

Now honestly who would download an add on pack before playing the game?

As you can well imagine people are a little peeved at Ubisoft for not including this pack in the retail version but to be honest I have a feeling it was a Microsoft mistake and this shouldn’t have been on Live so quickly.

Is it wrong to try and sell these add on’s to games? I am still unsure of it. The Crackdown update was fantastic.

Dark Messiah content hits Live days before release – Xbox 360 Fanboy

Last Updated: February 11, 2008

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