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Do you want some free Battlefield 3 dogtag DLC

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Sorry I need to apologise again for yet another misleading headline, this Battlefield 3 DLC isn’t exactly free, it’s going to cost you a few minutes and enough bandwidth to watch a movie trailer.

But that’s all I promise.

All you need to do is head on over to http://actofvalor.com/bf3/ and watch the trailer for the upcoming movie Act of Valor.

And the bonus is that it actually doesn’t even look like such a bad movie, granted it’s highly unlikely to win any awards but it’s better than Twilight or Sex in the City.

Once the trailer is done you are asked to choose a platform and then log into your EA account and blammo* you have a DLC code for some new BF3 dogtags.

It’s a unique marketing technique and one I hope catches on as it should show the movie studio’s the power of appealing to gamers in ways other than bad movie tie ins.

*blammo is an officially certified Lazygamer word

Last Updated: November 3, 2011

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