DOA Creator on Bayonetta and Microsoft’s Natal

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Itagaki Tomunobu Itagaki – the perpetually sunglassed, sterling-testicled creator of DOA and the modern Ninja Gaiden games came away from E3 with some rather unkind words for Hideki Kamiya and his new game, Bayonetta. Bayonetta of course is a clone of draws its inspiration from one of Kamiya’s earlier games, Devil May Cry.

“If I made a similar game as a game I made in the company I quit, people would say, “What an idiot, can’t he make anything else?” Well, that is more or less the opinion I have for, uh, that Bayo-something game,” Itagaki told 1up.

Does that mean Itagaki will be moving away from the Jiggly boob physics he’s perfected during his stint as head of Team Ninja? Seems so.

“Although I could argue, ‘What’s wrong with women being sexy!’ I have to admit I’ve gotten pretty tired of that. A lot of people are making those recently. I’ll gladly let them take over for me.”

Hit the jump to see what the outspoken Tokyo Viking had to say about Microsoft’s Natal

According to Itagaki “It is completely awesome”

“It’s an absolutely revolutionary device that increases the freedom of game design by like, a hundred, or maybe more like a thousand times,” he gushed. “I got to play with it, and I can tell you it will definitely lead to some great games. It has no latency in motion recognition, so I’m convinced that the guys behind that tech are complete geniuses.”

While it’ll likely never happen, a motional controlled Ninja Gaiden would satisfy supplement my ninja fantasies reality quite nicely.

I’m a ninja, really.

Source: 1up

Last Updated: June 10, 2009

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