Does the PSN Store offer more quality than Xbox 360 Marketplace?

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The Xbox 360 marketplace and Live combination have always been looked at as the best online offering currently. Nintendo are not really competing in the same space so it’s between the Xbox and the PS3…

Well it looks like the PS3 might have snuck past the 360 without anyone noticing, while its online functionality is still in its infancy when comparing the upcoming downloadable games the PS3 easily has the more exciting titles.

Warhawk alone is a title that is impossible for Xbox to compete against in its marketplace due to the Core having no hard drive and the premium only having 30Gb.

Probably the best Arcade title is Geometry wars which is sad now because that was released a long time ago and nothing else of any innovation has appeared since then.

The PS3 now has Warhawk (which was so popular it virtually crashed the servers on release) and if we look into the future we see great games like WipEout HD, SOCOM, PAIN and GT5 to name a few.

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Thanks ocelot for the tip.

Last Updated: September 7, 2007

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