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Don Bradman Cricket 14–Official Trailer

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So after the absolutely disgusting debacle that was Ashes Cricket 2013 it looks like us cricket fans are going to be saved by the great Australian cricketer, Don Bradman.

Don Bradman Cricket 14 has just released their official trailer and while trailers can hide numerous ills it does at least look to be a huge improvement on Ashes Cricket 2013.

Mind you most of what went down the toilet this morning was a massive improvement on that Ashes mess.

There has been no release date announced yet for Don Bradman 14 and with their only competitor pulled from the shelves and all eyes on their product I don’t expect them to rush anything. The market is there for the taking and they’d be insane to mess this one up.

My only gripe… why Don Bradman of all people? How about Jacque Kallis, Sachin Tendulkar or even Graeme Gooch?

If you haven’t already then head on over here and read up about all the feature’s that will be included in Don Bradman 14.

Last Updated: December 3, 2013

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