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Don’t be taken in by promises of Battlefield 3 beta keys

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Battlefield 3, even for an FPS shunning heathen such as I, looks irrefutably fantastic. It’s easy to become excited about the title, so much so that one’s reason and logic might go out the window when offered the chance to participate in the game’s beta.

One scam-site has taken advantage of eager fans’ mental vulnerabilities, by throwing up faux keys for the game in an attempt to make a little bit of illicit coin.

BF3nation.com is giving away illegitimate keys to premium subscribers of its site, using the tactic to increase its membership and revenue. It’s also selling hacks for Battlefield 3, something that should throw up a red flag on account of the game not having been released yet. Further digging has revealed that the site’s owners have been previously implicated in another similar sites that tricked users in to registering with the private details in an apparent phishing scam.

EA has allegedly been trying, unsuccessfully, to shut the site down.  The beta is coming, and when it does you’ll know about, because the entire internet – including us here at Lazygamer – will be buzzing.

Source : Battlefield3Online

Last Updated: May 10, 2011

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