Don’t expect a Mass Effect trilogy remaster

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I sort of want the Mass Effect trilogy to be remastered. I know, I’m part of the problem, but I just want the whole thing on my shiny new console instead of having to use an old console or Microsoft’s weird backwards compatibility option. However, I’m going to be sorely disappointed because EA simply doesn’t have time, energy or inclination to deal with remakes.

Speaking to IGN, EA COO Peter Moore explained that EA doesn’t re-release old games because “It feels like pushing stuff out because you’ve run out of ideas.”

Remakes, because of who we are, and this broad portfolio of intellectual property…you add all that together, I don’t know where we find the time to do remakes. We’re a company that just likes to push forward.

For a lot of companies, remakes are a way to drive revenue. It’s sub-cost, it’s an IP that’s there, you can remaster, and that’s great. We don’t do that here. I don’t think that’s ever been in our culture.

In the old days, backward compatibility was to convince your mom to buy the new console — not that you were ever going to use it. Once you got it? Those things went in the drawer, or on eBay.

Wait, so he knows that no one actually likes backwards compatibility, and he knows that it’s easy money to just push out a remaster, but EA won’t do it? Where is the cash-grabbing EA we’ve come to know and revile?

Seriously, I would love to see a Mass Effect trilogy remaster, or any number of cool revivals from EA’s catalogue of awesome titles from the before times, but that just doesn’t sound like it’s happening. I suppose it’s a good policy from EA – I’d rather see new games than continual rehashes of old games – but I’m still sort of sad to think that I’ll never really get to see the original Mass Effect trilogy again unless I hook up an old console, get it on PC or cave and go with Xbox One’s backwards compatibility.

Last Updated: October 19, 2015

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