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Don’t expect any LAN support for Starcraft 2, because there’s no philosophy for that

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There may be a whole heap of new content eventually arriving with StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, but don’t expect it to have that one feature that RTS fans have been begging Blizzard for, LAN support, because that idea doesn’t gel well with their philosophy.

Speaking to PC Gamer, game balance designer David Kim explained that adding in LAN support just did not fit in with the vision that Blizzard had for the game. We’re building Starcraft 2 as an online game and so from very early on our focus was making a game that people were connected to,” Kim said.

We’re building things around the ladder, we’re building achievement systems, so our system is about making an online game. It’s really just about our philosophy of how we’re trying to make the game.

However, Kim confirmed that Blizzard was looking at a way to make localised play between gamers an easier and more fluid experience, using the Battle.net infrastructure.:

I think moving forward we’ll be looking at things like ways where people who are nearer each other can find each other more easily. But that’s not necessarily LAN it’s just a way of finding people nearer to you.

Heart of the Swarm is currently headed for Beta, and may or not cut out units that upset the balance of power in the game, presumably while software developers sit in a circle and chant “No-LAN HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM” mantras.

Last Updated: August 22, 2012

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