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Don’t fear the reaper, because Darksiders 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 26

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Guys, do I have a surprise for you. You can file this under death, taxes and politicians using video games as a scapegoat whenever there’s another domestic terrorist shooting up America, because Darksiders 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch! Who saw that coming, right? Especially after the solid job that Darksiders the first did on that platform not too long ago.

If you played the original but never dipped into the sequel, then you missed out on a fascinating game. Released in the twilight era of THQ and failing to save the company after it blew all of its cash on the ill-fated uDraw game tablet, Darksiders 2 took the idea of the original game and expanded upon it massively.

Here was an adventure that still had all of the style of the original, but far more massive lands to explore, a proper math ‘em up RPG system that allowed you to boost your power and a chance to summon your mighty apocalypse steed much much sooner in the game. It was good stuff if you preferred a sandier box to play in when compared to the tighter focus of the first game, as Death himself was a far more agile and precise warrior when compared to his tank of a brother or acrobatic sister Fury.

The version coming from THQ Nordic to the Nintendo Switch will be the Deathnitive Edition, which silly name aside, includes all the usual bells and whistles such as all of the released DLC, a retuned game balance and a fairer distribution of loot. There are also more technical upgrades in the form of a better graphical output (that remains to be seen as Darksiders on the Switch needed to make some adjustments of its own in order to run smoothly) and better level graphical…stuff.

It’ll be out on September 26, in case you feel like fearing the reaper once again. Which is the perfect segue for me to remind you that I gotta have more cowbell.

Last Updated: August 6, 2019

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