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Photoshop like a pro I tell you

So the time has come, rAge is here which means that around this time tomorrow we are going to be meeting up at Hogshead in Rock Cottage and down at Banana Jam in Cape Town.

Before anyone asks again, yes the rugby will be shown at both places and we do apologise for rAge being on the same day as an important sporting event, that is out of our hands.

So if you want to see our sexiness in real life along with all of those around you then feel free to pop around after 4 o’clock and according to RinceThis anyone who arrives at the Cape Town event with a LG shirt will score a free Lazygamer shooter.

The annoying Facebook events are here for JHB and here for CT.

Right now we have 57 confirmed for JHB, so about 12 people will arrive… and 5 in Cape Town, so Rince may be on his own which would be very embarrassing.

Come on Cape Town people, you always complain that no one does events down there well the numbers aren’t lying right now. Show us that you deserve the events.

Last Updated: October 4, 2013

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