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Don’t touch me on my videogame

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Before finding my feet in gaming and having that game that cemented me as a gamer I couldn’t quite understand why some people got so incredibly defensive about the games they played. That was of course until I fell in love with MMO’s and RPG’s.

But what is it that makes us rage and lose our stuff when people hate on the games that are a part of our everyday life? We all have that thing in us that wants to defend and protect ourselves from ridicule and negative criticism, and when some one insults or attacks the games we love most; they are in fact attacking us. It makes us react something like this, almost, not as much, but it’s possible!

[Note:] If you are sensitive to strong language, then you probably shouldn’t watch this video at all.

There’s just something about seeing some one on the net (even if they are just a troll), bad-mouthing my favourite games that really get’s my blood boiling. Admittedly it get’s really hard sometimes to not react to it. It leaves us with an uncomfortable feeling inside, almost like being constipated, but not quite, a feeling that makes us want to put it out there that the troll is typing absolute and utter excrement and should be killed with fire! I mean… ignored. Yes, that’s it! Ignored!

The notion that some one is publically insulting my personal taste and partially who I am, my interests and the type of person I am is something that would get most people’s undies in a knot, whether it’s IRL or online. It makes me realise just how much games mean to us, reflect on us and how they become a part of our very person. It also makes me realise that I shouldn’t just throw around how bad I think a game is without considering who I am talking to and what the game means to them. That being said, Borderlands 2 is a pointless, crappy game, it’s completely redundant 😛 Okay not really, I’m just messing with ya. You get the point though.

There’s probably been a gazillion arguments on the internet about how a game is good or bad and why it’s good or bad when all people really want to say is: “Hey! Stop insulting me!” These flame debates have tortured us and annoyed us into oblivion for so long that we’ve almost become okay with it. Almost, because I still regularly want to facekick some one through my PC for being a dumb ass and saying that World of Warcraft is not a good game anymore.

So which games define you right now? How often have you dropped a rage bomb at trolls attacking the games you love?  

Last Updated: September 19, 2012

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