Doom 3 being re-mastered for consoles

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Shiny and New

The big breaking news that broke late yesterday was that id Software were bringing back one of the premium titles in gaming industry and re-mastering it for consoles.

Yes Doom 3, the BFG Edition, has been announced and besides its flashy new video we know pretty much nothing at all.

I received a press release stating that it will be released in spring this year but apart from that I’m flying blind here and to be perfectly honest I don’t mind that.

I was a massive Doom fan and I can’t wait for a real sequel to be developed and accompanied by a real movie but I can’t say that I am excited about an ancient game (2004) being re-released on a console.

To me it smells a lot like id Software is trying to recoup some of their losses from Rage and what easier way than to simply re-release a cult classic with a bit of spit and polish.

Am I being overly cynical and you’re excited for this or can we move on?

Last Updated: May 31, 2012

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