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New Lost Soul Aside gameplay has big action and music from DMC 5’s composer

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Lost Soul Aside

Today is probably the first time you’ve even heard of Lost Souls Aside, but after you see the video footage below? It’s probably going to be on your radar, especially if you’re the kind of gamer who gets a kick from over-the-top action and big beastly battles. Quick history lesson: The last time Lost Soul Aside was in the news was back in 2018, but since then the game and its studio Ultizero Games have been very busy.

In the gameplay video below, there’s 18 minutes of new content to sink your teeth into, music from Devil May 5 composer Cody Matthew is on combat soundtrack duty, and there’s a dragon.

Game of the year material right there, end of story. Not bad for a game that was at one point being solely developed by one dude by the name of Yang Bing. It has been a big year for Ultizero Game as Tencent, owner of some small game called League of Legends, acquired a 10% minority stake in the company.

The Chinese company has been on a buying spree as of late, dropping mad cash on stock options in studios such as Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment. Oh and don’t forget the casual $1.5 billion acquisition of Leyou Technologies, the Chinese company that happens to own Splash Damage and Warframe developer Digital Extremes.

Last Updated: April 28, 2021

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