Doom and Quake creator, John Romero, has a new Facebook game

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Remember how back in 2000, John Romero wanted to make you his bitch? There was that gloriously over-the-top advertising campaign for his game, Daikatana. The game sucked. Romero made nobody his bitch and went off to make mobile games instead.

He seems to be mellowing out a lot as he gets older because Romero now has a Facebook game! It’s called Ravenwood Fair and it looks like, well it looks like a lot of other Facebook games, particularly FrontierVille.

The game is very far removed from BFG 9000s, Hell Knights and Mancubus demons. In it, players are tasked with building a Renaissance fair in a fairy tale forest.  You have to clear trees to make a clearing and protect your fair and crowds from mythical creatures that want to claim the forest back. “There are no shotguns. We’re talking about Facebook here,” Romero is quoted as saying in an interview with GamesBeat.

LOLapps is the Facebook publisher behind the game. They’re also the company that had all of its games removed by Facebook last week for violating user privacy conditions. LOLapps has since tightened security and their content is now back up, including Romero’s latest offering.

Source: GamesBeat [via Kotaku]

Last Updated: October 21, 2010

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