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DOOM Eternal is already smashing the sales records set by DOOM

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The only thing that demons have to fear? Doom. The only thing that Doom itself has to fear? Itself. SMASH ALL THE MIRRORS IN THE FORTRESS OF DOOM!

There’s a lot of things that DOOM Eternal does better than its 2016 predecessor. Does it give the Doom Slayer cooler armour? That’s a Praetor yes good buddy. Does it evolve the push forward combat to deadly new heights that also serve to remind you that this game is what a first-person Bloodborne would be? Oh hell yes. Does it have Daisy the rabbit? An adorable check on that list of things to reference my friends!

Here’s something else that DOOM Eternal does better than DOOM: Shift units and set sales records.

According to Bethesda via VG247, DOOM Eternal sales figures from its launch weekend have been what analysts would scientifically call well chuffing good. While the exact sales figures haven’t been provided, DOOM Eternal did more than double DOOM 2016’s highest number of concurrent players at its peak, boasting over 100 000 slayers in action compared to its predecessors best effort result of 44, 271.

Historically, DOOM 2016 also wound up selling over 3.6 million copies by 2017 across multiple platforms, give or take. If that’s the benchmark to be reached and surpassed, DOOM Eternal should comfortably clear that hurdle at the rate its currently going at. After all, the game is out on PC, PS4, Xbox One and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch eventually. Hitting 4 million sales should be a demonic walk in the park for what could be the game of the year this early in the gaming calendar.

Last Updated: March 26, 2020

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