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DOOM Eternal – Where to find all the cheat codes

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Doom eternal cheat codes (6)

You’re facing a demon that has been spawned from the deepest pain-pits of hell itself. It wields mighty arcane energies in tandem with cutting-edge technology, righteous in its belief that the path to salvation is guaranteed through the destruction of the one being that even monsters fear. Whether you’re playing on easy or nightmare mode, there’s no denying that DOOM Eternal does a fantastic job in making you feel like a demonic force of nature.

Still, there’s a certain guilty pleasure when it comes to cheating a bit, a forgotten aspect of classic gaming that the industry seems to have forgotten about. There’s 14 cheat codes hidden within DOOM Eternal, just waiting to be collected and used for the sake of pure unrelenting fun. From infinite ammo to power-ups that quadruple your damage output, DOOM Eternal’s cheat codes provide a neat twist on the rip and tear gameplay.

With a slight catch of course. You’ll only be able to use a cheat code on any completed level, but doing so will seal off the Slayer Rooms and the Empyrean keys that they hold (More on that later). Some of these Cheat Codes are also notoriously crafty to find, but fret not, I’ve got a full guide for you right here! And time codes for when you can find certain cheat codes in case you’re in a rush.

Some quick notes on these cheat codes: There’s one I’m still trying to find, as it may be a super-duper ultra cheat code that doesn’t appear on any of the game maps. I’ve checked every level several times and so far DOOM Eternal is also telling me that I’ve found all of them within my fortress and the various other stages. The 14th and most elusive cheat code is out there somewhere.

I’m also curious to see what happens when you have all 14 floppies as you can unlock something on the Doom Slayer’s personal computer once you’ve acquired them all. Once I have the final cheat code, I’ll update this article.

Last Updated: March 20, 2020

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