DOOM gets a free Arcade Mode (and more!)

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This year’s DOOM reboot is easily one of the best single player shooters released this year. Or any year. Id’s newest shooter masterfully blends the old-school with the new, delivering a satisfying game that’s as visually resplendent as it is fun to play.

It’s fast-paced, it’s brutal and its fun – in short, everything a DOOM game should be.

“DOOM is unrepentantly old school, Darryn said when he reviewed it earlier this year. “It’s gore porn to the max, a ballet of bullets and blood that I can’t get enough of. Satisfyingly brutal, solid and most importantly, fun.”

A great game – and one that’s now even better. Dooms received it 4th free update, and the latest one brings with it an arcade mode. It essentially allows you to play through the campaign again, only this time with everything unlocked. So you’ll have access to all guns, runes, upgrades and equipment as you score kill multipliers in order to rack up high scores – which then get posted to leader boards. So yes, very much like the arcade games of old.

For fans of the SnapMap creation suite, the update also brings along classic DOOM textures, so you’re free to create levels and indeed, entire games that resemble the games you played in the 90s.

On the (underappreciated) multiplayer side of things, there are some new modes. Possession puts the guys who look like Master Chief against prowler demons. Die as a marine and you’ll be resurrected as an ungodly beast. The objective, then, is for Marines to survive the round, while demons try their best to turn all of the soldiers in to prowlers

The other new free mode is something called Bloodrush. Players have a Bloodrush metre that drains away, filled up by kills and assists. It’s a last man standing affair, where a lack of Bloodrush meter means you’ll no longer respawn.

It’s out now.

Last Updated: October 20, 2016

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