Dota 2 has launched

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The beta phase is officially over – Valve has launched Dota 2.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to play it right away; Dota 2 will be doing a shaped launch to ensure that existing users aren’t affected by a launch spike.

We knew that the launch would happen before TI3 in August, and now it’s official.  According to the Dota 2 website:

Dota 2’s user base is already larger than any game we’ve ever made, and it continues to grow. Knowing this launch moment was coming, we’ve spent the past year working on getting both the backend infrastructure and new user experience into a state where we can welcome in anyone that wants to give the game a try. With that work now complete, it is time for us to invite anyone and everyone to come play.

Good to know that there has been significant work on the backend and new user experiences – hopefully this will ensure a smooth launch.  At least, I’d hope so considering the pictures of impressive servers that have been added.

Even so, Valve will be monitoring their server capacity and only allowing new users on in batches.  This should ensure that existing players, as well as those new players who are added, will be able to play free of any Error 37 issues.  For those who want to give the game a try, or invite a friend, simply go to Steam and click the button to get in the launch queue.  Not only will you see your place in the queue, you’ll also get an email telling you when you’ve been let in.  Sounds fairly straight forward to me.

China and Korea aren’t launching at the moment, and so far the game is still PC only.  However, Valve assures us that they are currently testing the Mac and Linux builds, so we should be seeing those in the not too distant future.  Finally, Valve assures us that the game is not going to become stagnant

Dota 2 will continue to move forward, just like it always has. We still have old (and eventually new) heroes to release and an endless supply of features to build. We are releasing the game now because it is ready, but of course there isn’t an end to the development of the game. Just like we have been for the last couple of years as Dota 2 has grown, we’ll be looking to hear from you about how we’re doing and about what you’d like us to build next.

Now, is there anyone out there who wanted to play who hasn’t?  It seemed like beta codes were abundant – all you needed to do was look or ask and you got one.  Considering how huge the beta was, what sort of growth do you think Dota 2 will see with this official launch?

Last Updated: July 10, 2013

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