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DOTA 2 Result–South Africa vs Romania (and more drama)

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So last night our mighty South African DOTA 2 team went up against the Romanians and the expected happened… they were thrashed.

Okay to be honest I can’t actually find any real feedback on the game yet and I wasn’t able to watch it last night but the end result was 2-0 to Romania. However by the gist of the tweets and facebook comments that I’ve seen there was definitely room to improve locally.

So is it simply that our guys aren’t good enough to compete against Romania? Well, no I don’t think so.

The problem lies in how these things are organised locally. As we all know the MSSA organises the local South African teams and to their credit they actually held DOTA 2 trials ahead of this match. But man did they get it wrong again.


Firstly the trials were to be held in Gauteng and Cape Town only. You had to actually be present at the trials to try out for this online game. The logic being that you needed to be monitored by a referee from the MSSA.

So great; you and your friend team up in JHB with two other guys in Cape Town, that opens the pool a bit. But no unfortunately not as the MSSA decreed that everyone in a team had to live within 50Km of each other because… well no one really has any idea why apart from the MSSA who appear to suck rules out of their asses at times.

But anyway at least the best players from JHB or Cape Town were chosen right? Well no since according to a post by celebrity shoutcaster, Congo Kyle, the Cape Town trials haven’t taken place yet.

I could go on.. oh wait I will. Not only was the South African team only chosen from those who could attend the JHB trials in person – on short notice – but they were only allowed to attend if they had already paid a registration fee to an affiliated club of the MSSA.

Now I’ve never been in an official competitive eSports team but I have played many outdoor sports for many official teams including provincial colours and you know how it normally works? You rock up at the trials and if you are good enough you are invited to join the club. If you don’t want to or can’t pay the fees that is fine then you can’t join. Seems fair to me but the MSSA prefers to do it backwards.

They will respond that this is different as they don’t run the clubs and I could never be invited to transvaal trials (yes I’m old) if I wasn’t already a member of the Randburg Football club and they would be correct. But the eSports scene isn’t as big as the football scene locally and the archaic rules need to change.

We are being embarrassed locally simply because the MSSA refuses to change and that is disappointing. We are investigating ways to work within their rules but man there are so many of them and they really aren’t easy to navigate.

To be clear I’m not trying to put down anyone who tried last night, maybe you were the top 4 in the country but wouldn’t you want to be sure? How about we have open trials for DOTA where everyone can enter a team no matter who they are and then the winning team can look for sponsorship to cover their club and affiliation.

I know MWEB would do that as they are being exceptionally supportive of the local gaming initiative and I myself would happily cover a team’s costs to ensure we put our best team forward.

Oh and finally, for the love of all things holy please can someone donate a proper camera to Colin so that we can stop having these rubbish Blackberry pictures being used as official photos?


And maybe explain who these good looking people are? Different tops, don’t seem to be related to gaming at all?


And then the cherry on the top of the embarrassment cake


It’s Afrique de Sud… I hope above all else that this image was made by the Romanians who can be forgiven. [Edit: Yep, made by a Romanian chap, and checks out just fine]

Apparently DOTA 2 is one of the most popular games locally and we have a bigger population (2 1/2 times) than Romania so we really should be at least equal to them.

You can watch it all here, if you’re so inclined (forward to about an hour in before any action happens). 

Watch live video from PolarfluKe on TwitchTV

Last Updated: August 1, 2013

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