Dota 2 team banned after allegations of match fixing – RoX.KIS claims they're innocent

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eSports has come a long way from StarCraft 2 arenas back in the day to a mainstream sport of late. Millions of dollars are awarded to gamers, but the sport is yet to go through all the growing pains. If the sport is to survive and remain something taken seriously by the rest of the world, it’ll have to get past online betting.

Russian Dota 2 team RoX.KIS has been accused of match fixing in the current Starladder competition and awarded some very harsh punishments. Player Alexey “Solo 322” Berezin, has been banned for life from all Starladder competitions, while his team mates have been banned for three years. RoX.KIS the organisation has been banned for one year.

Starladder TV claims that the team was feeding on purpose to lose the match, which Berezin allegedly bet $100 against and won $322 in winnings after their loss. The team has released the following statement, which I have to admit, when some one says “My Skype has been stolen” it kind of makes it a little harder to believe them. Although it’s totally possible.

We think that the evidence base is very uncertain in this case. We’ve been able to insist on more thorough investigation of the incident and we believe in the innocence of our players and staff, and in adequate solution on the case.

here they write about what evidence that currently exists:
1. a bet on zRage-RoX.KIS match from an unknown account(which doesnt belong to Solo(egamingbets confirmed))
2. ip of “SMART” isp in Novorosiysk city( doesnt match to Solo’s ip)
3. cash out order to Solo’s Webmoney account
We found out, that you can cash out(from egamingbets) to any Webmoney account, basically, you need to know its id to do this. And it is easy to find Solo’s Webmoney information, because it is public.
After some more negotiations, we discovered that deposit to this account was not made from Solo’s Webmoney, so it is unknown who made it. Also Solo’s skype was stolen last week during livestream, which made it even easier to get his personal info.
Rox team is being accused of intentionnaly losing this game, however the team did not have any chances of getting to Lan finals, so this match was just a formality.
Solo and Rox team do not agree with these accusations and we continue to ask for a full investigation of this incident(with the help from Starladder judges, players and managers of Rox, and egamingbets). We look forward to understanding of this among our fans, and please do not make sudden conclusions “

The team has got one thing right, the evidence is hardly conclusive, but in my opinion enough to award the bans until the team is proved innocent. It’s crucial to the sport that organisers assert a strict policy on things like these. Judging from the VOD, I wouldn’t say that the team was undoubtedly feeding intentionally, and hope that the team is in fact innocent.

Last Updated: June 18, 2013

  • Dean

    Wait wait wait, his WebMoney Id (guess it’s like an account number) is public? Wonder if the rest of his banking details are available somewhere…

  • Admiral Chief Groot Wors


    *readies the tar and feathers*

  • hairyknees

    YOLANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Yolanda Green

      no you! 😛

  • wat

    “… until the team is proved innocent”
    How delusional are you

    • Yolanda Green

      or guilty… point is it was enough to give the ban :>

      • Brady miaau

        Yes, you must protect the integrity. if there is sufficient cause, check further and prevent them from playing while you check.

        Look at Caster Semanya.

  • Brady miaau

    Hello, welcome back. I missed the passion and energy you put into these e-sport articles.

    (I hope this is your first article back!)

    • Yolanda Green

      Heya @bradymiaau:disqus! Thanks 😀 Yes it’s my first back, and there’s definitely lots more to come 🙂

  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    Welcome back! YOu sneaked this in while I was having a very busy day. Good to have you back!

    • Yolanda Green

      Thanks Llew ^_^ Good to be back!

  • Matthew Holliday

    agreed, but its surprising that we dont hear more like these.

    Atleast Solo wasnt sent to jail like that Korean starcraft player, lol

  • Skyblue

    Bitch slapped back to Siberia

  • Teddy

    Just 300 dollars … he needed to go out with a BAM … not 300 bucks …

  • omgdoto

    why would he wanna win that 322 so much when obviously winning that match can win him more money?

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