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Download the official Lazygamer Blackberry App

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It’s no secret that we are massive iOS fans here at Lazygamer, KINGDOM RUSH, but we also know a lot of you are still addicted to your Blackberries so we clubbed together all the money we could find and hired ourselves a hot shot Blackberry developer to create the official Lazygamer app.

So if you have a Blackberry make sure you download our official app from the Appworld, you can find it here, and make sure to tell your friends.. hey we need to justify the expense some way and I’m not above begging.

I also saw this morning that we already have a negative review in the first hour of being live, which is unpleasant. So if you like the app please leave us a nice review on the Appworld.

Unfortunately BBM integration couldn’t happen yet as a bunch of you aren’t on BBM 5 or 6.. or something. I really don’t know but it will come in the coming months.

But what about the iPad and iOS apps I hear you scream? Well head on over to www.lazygamer.net on your iPad or iPhone, you will see the sexy magazine theme and then in the top left a little popup will ask you to add it to your home screen. Do that and it will place a truly incredible Lazygamer logo directly onto the home screen.

Unfortunately comments aren’t enabled in either mobile app, we’re trying to figure that out still.

Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below and if you can please post a screenshot. I’ve paid for this thing and I don’t have a blackberry so I have no idea what it looks like… no I’m not lying.

Last Updated: December 18, 2012

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