Dragon Age 2 : Single Race Offset by Player Choice

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Some people are mighty upset that Dragon age 2, the sequel to Bioware’s Baldur’s Gate successor will only let you play as a human, eschewing much of the character customisation of its forebear, which allowed the payer to choose from three distinct races – Human, Elf and Dwarf.

BioWare boss Ray Muzyka says it’s nothing to be worried about though, because the game will make up for it with the sheer amount of choices that character will be available.

“I think we certainly make up for the fact there’s a little more constraint with the character choice with a lot of other choices,” said Muzyka, speaking with VG247.. “And really, the focus allows a lot of the polish in there too.”

Dragon Age: Origins allowed the player to choice from three races at the start of the plot; humans, elves, dwarves were all available for play.

“It’s sort of the way the story’s told,” he said. “It’s a personal narrative. It’s a first-person narrative from the perspective of Hawke.”

“As you see in the demo, there are moments when you’re taken out of that first-person narrative a little bit, and you see other characters commenting on what you’ve done and what you hope to do as a character. There’s a major impact as a the Dragon Age universe unfolds.”

“But, given that he is a human in this universe, that’s just the way this particular chapter in the Dragon Age universe is built. It’s built around him being a human, and hence your choices are a little more constrained at the beginning, but on the other hand that enables us to do a lot more other cool things as well, in terms of the way the narrative flows, and the other party members that join with you are really cool and interesting and diverse.”

Personally, I’m all for the “Mass-effectifying” of Dragon Age if it allows for a more focused, better told story. While the origin stories in Dragon age were pretty well told, the rest of the actual story was a little generic.

Here’s the incredible Dragon Age 2 trailer again, in case you missed it earlier.

Source : VG247

Last Updated: August 30, 2010

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