Dragon Age: Inquisition launch trailer shows us the world

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With the exception of Mass Effect’s ending, most people have been happy with Bioware’s story telling skills. We weren’t worried about how they’d craft the story of Dragon Age, but many were afraid of the repeated dungeon. This launch trailer is designed to quell your fears.

Here is the gameplay launch trailer featuring accolades from outlets who got their review copies in time for embargo:

And here it is for those of you who can’t access YouTube in your current location because really, everyone should be able to watch this video.

Most launch trailers work hard to remind us why the game will be interesting – showing off unique mechanics, story telling and design choices. However, this one is all about one thing, the varied, vast and detailed environments of Dragon Age: Inquisition. They certainly do look glorious, and I’m excited to explore every nook and cranny. I have faith in Bioware’s ability to tell an excellent story in the world of Thedas, and now it seems that the world will be equally well-crafted. By assuring fans of the franchise that this won’t be a repeat of Dragon Age II’s one cave, I think Bioware is ensuring that we all come drooling back to Thedas.

I am counting down the days until I can get my hands on the game and seriously excited to sink all 200 hours into exploring each and every environment. Whatever your feelings may be about EA, I’m not sure it’s worth punishing yourself by not playing this game out of principle. It simply looks too good to miss.

Last Updated: November 18, 2014

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