Dragon Age: Inquisition patch for the modern mouse, deep water divers

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I played Dragon Age: Inquisition on PS4 and it was a mostly fantastic experience. However, Bioware insisted that the best experience could be found on PC. That said, even this many months down the line, there are still some issues remaining, especially if you have more than two buttons on your mouse. These are getting fixed on PC, as well as a range of other issues across the board.

Patch 6 has been released – I know because my PS4 randomly decided to download it. But, what’s in the patch? Well, according to the patch notes, it’s mainly about improving game stability, fixing some bugs and improving multiplayer. However, the fixes go beyond that for PC users. Here’re all the changes:

  • [PC] Enabled binding of additional mouse buttons for mice with more than two buttons.
  • [PC] Fixed issue that caused abilities to not be usable in tactical mode when using mouse look toggle.
  • [PC] Fixed issue that caused mouse look toggle to turn off during looting.
  • [PC] Fixed issue that prevented resurrecting characters who had died in deep water.
  • [PC] Fixed issue that could cause the journal to act in unexpected ways when expanding categories with the mouse.
  • Improved stability.
  • Changed Solas’s quest “What Lies Dormant” to trigger when reading the after-action report for “Measure Veil Strength” instead of when the time completes.
  • Fixed issue that could break the “Perseverance” quest in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed case where the GUI did not come back after opting out of light conversations in certain circumstances.
  • Adjusted position of mosaic pieces for “The Fall” so they can all be collected.
  • Fixed issue that caused some dragonlings in the Hinterlands to become non-hostile when the dragon was killed.
  • Fixed issue that caused the cave opened by the Abyssal High Dragon to become closed again in certain circumstances.
  • Buffed the Katari multiplayer kit slightly so that it has more HP and generates guard on hit.
  • Fixed issue where Shatter and Rupture combos would be reported twice in multiplayer session stats.
  • Made change to prevent players from salvaging items that are equipped by other character kits in multiplayer.

I’m glad to see that PC gamers will be able to use more than two buttons on the mouse – it’s not like you guys are Mac gamers, why should you have restricted buttons? It’s nice to see these improvements going into the game, especially right before a whole bunch of players return to Thedas in order to take on the DLC.

Last Updated: March 25, 2015

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