Dragon Age Inquisition shows off more screenshots

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It is getting closer – the seasons have definitely changed, which means that 7 October isn’t all that far away anymore. Bioware keeps showing off the different environments that we can expect to explore in the game, and this weekend saw some more screenshots released into the wild.

First up, we have this twitter reveal of The Adamant Fortress:

Based on some words and lore, the Fortress of Adamant was built for the Grey Wardens’ fight against the darkspawn spilling out of the Abyssal Rift. Eventually, they abandoned the fortress, sealing its gates.

So in the dawn of the Blessed Age, we sealed the fortress’s mighty gates. We left the great griffon statues to tarnish and wear in the blowing sand, retreating to Montsimmard with a sense of loss and shame. I recently returned with a small expedition to retrieve supplies left behind and was surprised to see it still standing. The dwarves did well by us, and I suspect Adamant will remain for ages to come… but should the Order ever return, they will find it difficult to resurrect this place. Only spirits roam its halls now, alongside the memories of those who gave their lives to protect us all from darkness.

Please tell me that this is a fortress that you can retake as part of your reclaiming of the world. Sure, it might just be a fortress in a desert, but I’m sure it would be awesome to control. Here are some more pictures of the fortress, as well as the surrounding environment, The Western Approach. I’m so glad the world is more varied this time – it seems Bioware is going to deliver what people want with this game.

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Last Updated: May 19, 2014

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