Dragon Age: Inquisition team working on story DLC

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I think there are some illusions about how game development studios work. As soon as people hear that work is still ongoing for Dragon Age: Inquisition, many will assume that this is taking away from assets that could otherwise be allocated to the new Mass Effect. But fear not, it’s a different team, which is why we can be excited for new content without getting worried about new games.

Over on twitter, Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw explained that they were still busy with the story of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

He goes on to squash the hopes of some – the Hero of Ferelden won’t be showing up – without giving any real details away. Of course we knew that there had to be more story DLC, not just to expand upon aspects at the end of the game, but just to give us some more depths and possibly other playable characters. The Shale DLC of Dragon Age Origins and the Javik DLC for Mass Effect 3 were both incredibly well done and really changed the entire experience for the game. While I normally object to DLC characters, they added so much more to the game that they really were worth the extra cost. There is a lot that Bioware can still do in Thedas and it makes sense that they’re working on some fun new story DLC.

Of course I’m ready for more information on the new Mass Effect, but with the game’s release still a long way away, I’ll make due with a reason to jump back into Dragon Age: Inquisition instead.

Last Updated: June 2, 2015

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